3D / CGI body (outside)

Cessna Citation III

With a airplane photographic and metric survey, and using blue prints, others photographs and videos, integral 3D modeling of the plane was carried out. Next the application of materials, lights and environments for renders was developed.

The renders, after post-production for still images and compilation / encoding / post-production for animation are finally ready to be published.

Cessna Citation III outside

The first Citation was put into service in 1972 and more than 35 million flight hours have been logged since.
Fifty years after the first flight, more than 7,500 Citations have been delivered.
The Citation III (Model 650) is a private jet that strikes the perfect balance between cost, performance, and comfort. High performance aircraft, completely new design, totally original, designed for international and intercontinental travel.
It was designed for optimal speed, utilized light weight composites and smooth surfaces to cut down on drag, and featured an entirely new fuselage mated to a super-critical swept back wing and a T-Tail.

job briefing

Cessna Citation III outside 3D / CGI: realistic simulation in still image and video animation.

project details





Allows avoiding the costs, economic and environmental, of running a real photoshoot: at least, 2 airplanes, 2 crews, a photographer with a professional equipment and adequate weather conditions.

Bringing all these requirements together at the same time is expensive and not always easy.

The real one

The real Cessna Citation III N444CW at Oshkosh Wittman Regional Airport OSH/KOSH at 15.04.2020.

This aircraft was the model of inspiration for the development of the project – to be able to faithfully reproduce the painting design and to obtain images and videos of the 3D model with a high level of reliability.

Experiment 1

In experiment 1, it tried to faithfully reproduce the painting design of the real aircraft.

Experiment 2

In experiment 2, a different painting design was created, in order to test the complexity and the time associated with the change.

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