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Dassault Falcon 2000

The promotion of an aircraft is much more than a written and visual description of its technical features and services provided by the operator - it is about creating a connection, a empathy and a trust and desire relationship.

The digital marketing should, even more than showing the plane, arouse the desire to fly (on that same plane or at least at one of the fleet) in potential customers.

Dassault Falcon 2000 digital marketing

Dassault Falcon a plus de 40 ans d’expérience dans la fabrication d’avions à réaction. La famille Falcon (Y compris les modèles Falcon 50, Falcon 900, Falcon 2000 et Falcon 7X, etc.) est l’un des plus grands succès de ce segment, avec plus de 1 600 unités vendues.
8 Pax in FWD 4 Seat-Club . AFT 4-Seat Dining Group w/ Credenza Opposite . Leather Seats . Oak Burl Wood Veneer . Galley Pocket Sliding Door . FWD & AFT Lavatories . Collins SAT-906-4 SATCOM w/ CAL Antenna Airshow 400 . 220 VAC/50Hz Outlets . 2 ea. 5.6’’ Rosen LCDs . 14.2’’ Screen . Third Flight Deck Seat.

job briefing

Dassault Falcon 2000 marketing brochure & email / social media banners design.

project details


FLYWAY Aircraft Mgmt.


Rui Lacerda


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