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Hawker 800XPi

The promotion of an aircraft is much more than a written and visual description of its technical features and services provided by the operator - it is about creating a connection, a empathy and a trust and desire relationship.

The digital marketing should, even more than showing the plane, arouse the desire to fly (on that same plane or at least at one of the fleet) in potential customers.

Hawker 800XPi digital marketing

This Hawker has been in continuous production since 1962, longer than any other civilian jet the only other airplane that comes close to such a long continuous-production run is the Boeing 737 that entered service in 1968.
The Hawker 800XP, which is one of the most reputable private jets built by British Aerospace, it’s the third generation of 800 models this airplane allows transcontinental and international flights as well short distances one of the highlights of the 800XP is its ability to take off runways much shorter than it is usually required for private jets.

job briefing

Hawker 800XPi marketing brochure & email / social media banners design.

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FLYWAY Aircraft Mgmt.


Rui Lacerda


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