suspended lamp


Lookz suspended lamp

“(…) we could also create a whole host of other concepts, such as inspirational design or romantic design, represented here by the suspended conical lamp designed by José Luís Ferreira, Plácido Afonso and Rui Freire.
In short, not only is this exhibition a great demonstration of the creativity and vitality of portuguese design, but it also provides an interesting display of the trends that can be expected in design at the beginning of the next century.”

LARREA, Quim, ”Introducció”, in: “¿Experimentables o experimentales? ”, Primavera del Disseny – Barcelona`99, ICEP, pp. XXXI, Barcelona, 1999

job briefing

Development of an unprecedented object to be presented in the scope of “experimentadesign’99” in Lisbon and “Primavera del Disseny’99” in Barcelona.

project details

By invitation


collaboration with
José Ferreira, Rui Freire



“Experimentais ou experimentaveis?”

According to a briefing developed by experimentadesign99, “Intersections of and in Design” presented three generations of Portuguese  designers and 34 original projects. Promoter: ICEP – Investimentos, Comércio e Turismo de Portugal. Curator: Madalena Figueiredo.


“¿Experimentables o experimentales?”
Primavera del Disseny’99
Palau Marc, La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain
“Experimentais ou experimentaveis?”
SNBA, Lisboa, Portugal

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