rocking moose & toy

Alceu & Alcino

A long time ago...

Aproximately 7000 years ago, pré-finns living in the Etelä-Savo region have left records of their quotidian experience, which are now integral part of the historic documents that help contextualize contemporary cultural framework. We have now the chance to celebrate our ancestors success, immortalizing and motivating our future desdendants, the children, to continue the epic journey of living in this magical place. 

Alceu & Alcino rocking moose & toy

The proposal is deeply rooted in the history of this region, and it would be an honor to pay our homage to the Finnish people, that from the very beginning of times have been living in harmony with this beautiful but harsh nature with the utmost respect for it. Alceu is a ”keinuhirvi” for kids, particularly those aged between 2 and 5 years old. Alcino is a toy for kids of all ages.

job briefing

Through a joint design competition, the City of Mikkeli and the Southern Savonia Regional Council are looking for new products related to home and leisure living that reflect the stories, memories, experiences and landscapes of the area.

project details

Contest application

Mikkelin kaupunki
Etelä-Savon maakuntaliitto

collaboration with
Emanuel Cerdeira


Tribute to the Etelä-Savo's historical and cultural heritage

Amidst a capital historic moment, the centenary of independence (2017), the proposal contemplates the elevation of history, sharing dee values with outsiders, in a way they understand and respect those who are born, live and die in these lands. Alceu and Alcino aim at preserving the collective memory of this region and spread it around the world, through an object, based on the iconic imagery associated to it by the works already developed by local artisans. Dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Etelä-Savo stories, tales and fables, valorizing the memory of parents through your children’s enthusiasm.

Soft touch and 10 times lighter than you expect

Given the high density inherent to the common materials traditionally used in toys – wood, metal or even traditional plastics (PP, ABS, PE, etc.) – they usually have an dramatic oversized weight in relation to the target audience (with the exception of teddy bears) – this proposal presents a new concept of relation between the expectations of children and their ability to handle the object. Manufactured with EPP (expanded polypropylene), Alceu, with (850 x 512 x 173 mm) and approximately 500g and Alcino, with (250 x 175 x 58 mm) and approximately 25g, provide a new experience for children, challenging their senses, allowing them to lift and carry an object which would seem impossible to begin with. On the other hand, the softness and lightness represent a 100% safe and user friendly interaction.

Alceu & Alcino EPP technical specifications

850mm x 512mm x 173mm
0,010m³ = 10l
55kg/m³ = 55g/l

250mm x 175mm x 058mm
0,0004m³ = 0,4l
55kg/m³ = 55g/l

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