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Cessna Citation VI MED EVAC

The promotion of an aircraft is much more than a written and visual description of its technical features and services provided by the operator - it is about creating a connection, a empathy and a trust and desire relationship.

The digital marketing should, even more than showing the plane, arouse the desire to fly (on that same plane or at least at one of the fleet) in potential customers.

Citation VI MED EVAC digital marketing

The first Citation flew in 1972 and more than 35 million flight hours have been logged since. 50 years after more than 7,500 Citations have been delivered.
This Citation VI (Model 650) is a private ambulance fully prepared for medical evacuation with brand new and topline equipment.
The service is provided by our versatile and specialized medical crew, prepared to deal with the most critical situations that may occur.
Our goal is to ensure maximum, speed and efficiency in order to successfully accomplish the mission that this plane was designed for – save your life!

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Citation VI MED EVAC marketing brochure & email / social media banners design.

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FLYWAY Aircraft Mgmt.


Rui Lacerda


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