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LUMI lookbooks

LUMI lookbooks

LUMI began in New York City in 2000, a collaboration between Sanna Kantola, then a handbag designer for Ralph Lauren, and Bruno Beaugrand, then an art director at Tiffany Watches.

Today, LUMI is Finland’s leading leather accessories brand, sold in over 25 countries worldwide, including in exclusive fashion and lifestyle retailers such as Merci, Conran Shop, Globus, Skandium, Artek, Stockmann, Monoqi, Journal Standard – Baycrews, to name only a select few.

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Nordic Summers are characterized by an abundance of wild flowers in fresh tones of green, purple, yellow and pink. LUMI Spring Summer 2021 collection was inspired by the wild flowers and their part in the traditions around the Finnish Midsummer celebrations.
At Midsummer, the people in the Nordic countries celebrate the lightest time of the year and the proper start of the Summer season. Various herbs and medicinal plants picked on Midsummer night, before the morning dew had fallen, were thought to be at the peak of their power. The dew formed on Midsummer night was believed to have healing powers.
Dreams could be made come true by sleeping through Midsummer night with nine different flowers placed under the pillow. If a girl picks seven or nine different species of wild flowers and places them under her pillow for the night, while sleeping, she will see her future husband in a dream.
All featured LUMI products are made in vegetable-tanned leather and in sustainable materials of recycled origin. To make the wild flowers bloom, and to make your Midsummer dreams come true.


Changes always bring a positive note to life and adapting to the Covid Cocooning times has inspired LUMI for a warm collection of handbags and accessories in tones of browns, reds and maroons. Several styles are carefully down-sized and up-sized for moms, daughters and dads alike. Sustainable materials, from vegetable-tanned leather to recycled PET, are forming a collection of simple, clean aesthetics spiced up by a certain amount of playfulness.
Salmiakki bag, inspired by the Finnish black graphic candy, is evolving into additional colorings and a new smaller size, the Small Salmiakki Bag.
Shot on location at Hotel Rantapuisto, a stylish piece of architecture in the East of Helsinki.


Scandinavian + Japanese = Scandese | Scandinavian and Japanese cultures share a fair amount of similarities: Both societies are built on dutifulness and work-ethics, and both peoples tend to obey authorities and keep in line. Both peoples are also, stereotypically quiet, introvert and reserved. Both cultures appreciate simple, clean aesthetics spiced up by a certain amount of playfulness.
The Finnish speciality though, is a special sweet spot for candy, and especially for the salty candy, liquorice, or how we Finns prefer to say it: salmiakki. This black graphic candy has inspired LUMI to create a special Salmiakki bag, followed by a number of other sweet, graphic, colorful eye candy.
Shot on location at G18, a gorgeous Scandinavian Ballroom in the heart of Helsinki.
Modeled by Viivi Tsukimoto, a working Finnish mother of a Finnish-Japanese family.

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