thermal packaging

Cool B

Cool B pitää bisset cooleina!

Cool B keeps beer cool!

Cool B thermal packaging concept

New packaging for 12 cans of beer – upgraded to others quantities (6, 8, 10, 16, etc.) or other brands marketed by the same company.

EPP (expanded polypropylene)
4,97L > 55g/L > 275g

job briefing

Cool B thermal packaging concept development, thermal engineering study and virtual materialization. 

project details



Jackon Finland

collaboration with
Emanuel Cerdeira


Designed to be reusable for a long time

A stylish briefcase that goes conveniently with you anywhere, made with high quality material, ensures that the drinks remain cold.
The great durability of the material allows a versatile reuse, being able to take your own drinks or snacks.

Massive billboard advertising within the law

Low production price which allows a substantial increase in direct sales and, above all, guarantees a superb outdoor promotion campaign in a context where external advertising of alcoholic beverages in Finland is not currently allowed. It’s a magic solution!

Design requirements of the 21st century

Great thermal insulation, excellent durability, easy to clean, machine washable and recyclable, beyond reusable indefinitely.

Cool B pitää bisset cooleina!

Concept and project developed autonomously, with engineering support from Jackon Finland Oy, proposed in 2017 to “Oy Sinebrychoff Ab” and “Oy Hartwall Ab”.
None, at the time, was interested in commercializing the project.

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