maternity package box


Inspired by the Finnish maternity package bed box äitiyspakkaus vuodelaatikko held since 1938 by the Kansaneläkelaitos (abbr. Kela), the Finnish Social Insurance Institution.

MUNA arose from our devotion to the äitiyspakkaus concept, which is already an international icon of Finnish culture.

MUNA maternity package box concept

Celebrating 100 years of Finland’s independence, and Hyvinvointi syntyy yhdessä KELA 80’s (2017/18), would be the right time, in honor of Eero Rydman’s futuristic approach, a true evolution of äitiyspakkaus skin.

It would be our goal if this project were to happen in Finland, before in any other country, because the idea was born and took the first steps in Helsinki, because it is a Finnish design project.

Special thanks to Mari Mäkinen.

job briefing

MUNA concept development, and virtual materialization. 

project details




collaboration with
Emanuel Cerdeira


what is MUNA?

It is an enhanced box solution for the äitiyspakkaus vuodelaatikko, in EPP, that allows several functions: box, interior crib, outdoor crib, bathtub, sauna bath and toy.
MUNA technical specifications are compatible with current requirements (hygiene, health, reuse, recycling, etc.), honors the oldest Finnish traditions and places the user (child) in the center of the design project.

Ei munat mutahan joua,
siepalehet veen sekahan.
Muuttuivat murut hyviksi,
kappalehet kaunoisiksi:
munasen alainen puoli
alaiseksi maaemäksi,
munasen yläinen puoli
yläiseksi taivahaksi;
yläpuoli ruskeaista
päivöseksi paistamahan,(…)

Lönnrot, Elias. “Kalevala – Vanhoja Karjalan Runoja”. Ensimmäinen runo. First edition; volume 1, J. C. Frenckellin ja Poika, 1835.


It is indisputable that the cardboard version has two advantages, a lower production price per unit and the ease of storage when unfolded; however, the present proposal is devoted to the convenience of the child/parents, which is what really matters; while the current design does allow for easy storage and shipment, MUNA’s benefits to the parent/child more than make up for it due to its longevity. Used as a bathtub or toy, MUNA can provide up to 5 years of usage.

It is MUNA more sustainable?

It is a fact that while the stuffing has annually been improved, the box has not evolved – the only really significant change is that it is no longer a single box and has become two – one cardboard box to protect another cardboard box – of which the first will most likely go to the trash/be recycled on the day of receival, and the other as soon as the baby urinates on it. Initially the trip of the box was not considered a hygienic constraint, but now it is. Likewise, the contact with a child’s excretions, food spillage, or other wet substances that impregnate the cardboard, quickly become a hygiene and health problem.

MUNA solves these important issues – it is easy to wash and sterilize due to the use of suitable materials to handle. Its robustness allows it to be simply covered with plastic film (used in airports to protect luggage) to ensure hygienic transport.

MUNA worth it?

The cost/benefit ratio between MUNA and the actual cardboard box (functionalities/longevity), considering the functions each performs, the life expectancy achievable by them and the price  (1 MUNA x 2 cardboard box per äitiyspakkaus), our proposal is incomparably cheaper than the current one – to the benefit of the Finnish children.

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