dish cover


1st Prize

Young Designer Award´92 . ICEP Prize metals category | Italian Market

Спутник & Apollo

Debut dish cover

´92. dish cover. oporto. metals. canned food. cindor. justino. bus. sweat. to weld weld weld. serralves. despair. italian market. risk. coming back.
Design is young.

Eliane Marques (text)


job briefing

Debut dish cover concept development and functional prototyping. Proposal for the Young Designer Award´92 | Italian Market | Hotel.

project details

Contest application 


1st Prize [ICEP]



The Young Designer Award is (was) an initiative of the ICEP - Investimentos, Comércio e Turismo de Portugal (Institute of Foreign Trade of Portugal), which aims to promote contact between schools and the companys and encourage design students to develop their careers in the industry, raising their awareness of specific problems companies are struggling with.

Brief summary by the promoter ICEP always in the catalogs, from 1989 until 2002. Currently ICEP is “aicep Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency” (government business entity).

After the prizes were awarded, ICEP promoted several exhibitions for national and international promotion. "Debut", in addition to participating in exhibitions under the "Young Designer Award´92", also participated in exhibitions and events promoting globally Portuguese Design, together with projects by renowned Portuguese senior designers.

1992 “Young Designer Award´92”
Ministério Finanças, Lisboa, Portugal
1993 “Young Designer Award´92”
“43ª Salone Internazionale Attrezzatura Alberghiera”, Rimini, Italy
Galeria C.M.C.R., C. da Rainha, Portugal
“Indústria´93”, Viseu, Portugal
“Ceramex´93” F I L, Lisboa, Portugal
1994 “Portugal Moving . Contemporary Portuguese Design´94”
Azabu Museum Arts & Crafts, Tokio, Japan
ATC–Asia-Pacific Trade Cen., Osaka, Japan

Tribute to Madalena Figueiredo, designer (1944/2012) a major figure in the promotion of Portuguese design, which through the ICEP promoted the "Young Designer Award" and countless exhibitions and events all over the world.

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