conference table


At the table...

traditionally that is where most decisions are made.

Icebreaker conference table

For its dimensions, shape, symbolic charge, it’s not intended to be a mass-produced piece, on the contrary, it is understood as an element of exclusivity aimed at a defined and restricted audience.

Special thanks to the staff of Myllypuron Mediakirjasto, specially to Onni Karvinen and Mika Keijonen and the directors of Arts and Museum Centre Sinkka, Leena Karttunen and Arja Elovirta.

job briefing

Icebreaker conference table concept development and virtual materialization. Proposal for 16th Andreu World International Design Contest.

project details

Contest application 

Andreu World 


collaboration with
Emanuel Cerdeira, Jukka Kainulainen


Icebreaker is a premium conference table.

This familiar object has been "always" present, from the event of a meal, to the space of work, it has been witness and protagonist in the writing of history.

The assumption of icebreaker is found in its presence, a visually intervening element, that materializing the concept of ice, works as a catalyser for breaking that same ice, providing a climate of trust and fraternity.

For the development of volumetry and the awareness of balance and stability, three-dimensional prototyping was decisive.

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