modular wall cladding


Honourable Mention

The Bside 2.0 International Design Contest | Bologna Design Week 2016

Stonedge modular wall cladding

STONEDGE is a modular system composed of stone tiles that work together to create virtually limitless application possibilities. In its core, each piece is crafted out of a 10cm x 10cm square, allowing for the reuse of the smallest stone leftovers.

More than just a decorative trick, with volumetric variations and material combinations, the collection features an array of tiles purposely designed for the kitchen. The combination of these different types of tiles creates a visually stunning yet functional solution.

job briefing

Stonedge modular wall cladding concept development and virtual materialization. Proposal for the Bside 2.0 International Design Contest.

project details

Contest application 

The Bside 2.0


collaboration with
Emanuel Cerdeira


This solution allows the almost complete reuse of standard production leftovers.

The absence of waste is a very strong asset in the management of the industry and in addition to great economic advantages, it is an important step in global sustainability.

Prototype in exhibition at BDW2016 | Bologna Design Week

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